Load test of the Teixeiras bridge

21 December 2020

For these tests on the Teixeiras double bridge, a train consisting of a locomotive and seven ballast-loaded hopper cars with a mass of 750 tons is used.

The tests carried out are both static and dynamic, in this case at different driving speeds (between 10 and 80 km / h, as well as a braking test on the viaduct).

High-speed railway infrastructure of 508 m in length, and double deck separated 30 m from each other. Pointed arch with a span of 132 m and a height of 94.8 m at the keystone of the arch, executed by means of lowered semi-arches and a central closing segment. Both bridges are distributed in 8 spans (56 m at both ends and 66 meters in the six central elements). Hired by the UTE Laza (Dragados, Tecsa, Sogeosa, Callosa). It was executed in 18 months.