In 1977, President José Manuel Otero Alonso, accompanied by a small group of professionals, took over from his first work, the iconic Rande Bridge, with the sole purpose of building exemplary bridges. Thus, Grupo Puentes was founded in A Coruña (Spain).

With this premise, 44 years later, Grupo Puentes is an international company with more than 500 professionals and with more than 2,000 works executed, currently being present in 13 countries.

The growth of the company has been supported by the premise of its foundation, extending to other areas of the construction sector, to the point where the existential reason for it is to build works that are examples for future generations.

The company’s work philosophy is governed by the search for excellence in terms of transparency, in such a way that it is always committed to executing the best possible solution, due to which continuous learning is one of the company’s standards.

With this mission in mind, Grupo Puentes is a pioneer company in applying the Scrum method as a strategy for collaborative learning through its projects and works, which as a result has positioned Grupo Puentes as a leading international company in the construction of hospitals and bridges.

The company is committed to transmitting such knowledge through extensive R & D & i work that it applies to all its projects, and that makes it accessible to all professionals in the sector.

“  Do you see that road over there? Well don’t go that way, it’ll take nowhere.

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