221 km of motorways and roads executed at an international level.

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Alvedro Airport expansion

Airport work consisting of a loan embankment of 3 million m3, to increase the dimensions of the runway up to 2,500 m in length, allowing the Airbus A320 to operate at full load. Execution period of 32 months.

Motorway widening and improvement project in Texas

Widening and improvement works of the I-35 Motorway, as well as the execution of the new service infrastructures and the construction of the access feasibility car parks. Execution period of 19 months.

Guadalupe Interchange, Costa Rica

Project for the execution of a 794 m section of road that includes a pedestrian bridge, the channeling of the Torres River, and the Guadalupe interchange, with an underpass of 85 m in length, with a maximum span of 23.3 m in width . It was executed in 14 months.

Curro elevated motorway interchange

Second largest roundabout in Spain (180 m in diameter). It consists of a motorway link whose main axis of 2.8 km intersects with an elevated roundabout. The effective duration of the works was 22 months. Finalist for the San Telmo 2013 award.

O Salnés Motorway

Execution with traffic in service, of all the doubling works, as well as the conservation and maintenance works of the infrastructure of the AG-41 Motorway, 17 km long. The works were carried out in 28 months.

Interchanges on Interamerican Highway N, Costa Rica

Construction of three overpasses on the Interamerican Highway North, passing through Cañas, Liberia and Bagaces with a maximum length of 412m. They are made up of 21m wide post-tensioned bent-vertebrated in-situ concreted decks, executed with portal formwork. Execution period 20 months.

Cueto Latores elevated motorway interchange

It includes five bridges up to 400 m long with a box girder section deck, built by successive spans using movable scaffolding system and / or gantry falsework. It has two tunnels of 300 and 200 m respectively. The works were carried out in 29 months.

Lourenzá Vilamar Motorway

4.6 km long section of the A-8 motorway that includes two double bridges of 616 and 386 m respectively, with prestressed concrete box girder deck and variable depth, executed with movable scaffolding system. The works were carried out in 28 months.

Santiago de Veraguas, Panama

Design and construction of the rehabilitation of 98.2km of roads of variable section between 4 and 7m with asphalt pavement. Includes the execution of 21 storm drainage boxes and 12 vehicular bridges of 9.30m section width including pedestrian sidewalks, 76.125m of paved gutters, 6.525m2 of sidewalks, containment systems, horizontal and vertical signage. Includes maintenance of the work for a period of 24 months.

Access to Gatún, Panama

Connection to Puembo, Ecuador

Los Barrios motorway interchange

Connection of the A-7 Mediterranean motorway, with the A-381 Ruta del Toro motorway. Project of great constructive difficulty given the geotechnical area of marshes through which it runs. The duration of the works was 19 months.

Martelo Noia Transit Corridor

9.2 km long section of high capacity track that includes the 475 m long Pasares bridge, with a deck executed with prefabricated I-girder beams. Designed for future unfolding to the motorway. The duration of the works was 26 months.

Three bridges in Namibia

Rehabilitation and widening of three bridges along Route 01/4 (bridge over the Tsumis River, the Mansguber River and the tributary to the Rooidam River) between the towns of Mariental and Rehoboth, the main communication route between Windhoek and South Africa. Completion period 12 months.

A Zapateira Motorway

It is part of Round III of A Coruña and provides access to the Alvedro Airport and the A-6 Motorway. With a length of 9 km, it comprises three bridges and four false tunnels. It was executed in 29 months. Second prize in the 2013 San Telmo Award for integration into the environment.