Specialized in the construction of hospital complexes with more than 671,586 m² built, for more than 2,785 beds.

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Los Ceibos Hospital

Project for the construction of Los Ceibos Hospital, including development of the plot,  Built-up area of 97,000m2 It was executed in just 14 months. Record construction time in Latin America 2017.


Constitución Hospital, Chile

Constructed area 46.540 m² for 121 beds.


Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital

Area of ​​275,000 m². 845 beds. It was executed in 27 months. First Prize at the 8th Design & Health World Congress 2012 of the International Academy of Design and Health, in the category Health Project of the Future.

web_6 Hospital Trabajador Chile

Hospital del Trabajador, Chile

Hospital area of ​​50,076 m². 270 beds.


IESS Quito Sur Hospital Complex, Ecuador

83,000m² area. 420 beds. It was executed in 12 months. Construction record in its category.

web_2 complejo hospitalario Cauquenes Chile

Cauquenes Hospital, Chile

Area of ​​47,046 m². 136 beds.

web_8 Complejo Hospitalario Montecelo

Montecelo Hospital Complex

Surface of 115,179 m² built and 26,587 m² of urbanization. 115,179,000 m². 627 beds.

Hospital Quirón

Quirón Hospital in Torrejón

It consists of a building made up of 3 modules interconnected by lobbies and/or walkways, with a total area of 13,725 m2 (105 beds). Modules 1 and 2 have 3 floors above ground, while module 3 has only 2 floors above ground. It also has a basement common to all the modules for parking and various hospital uses. The building has a consultation area, day hospital, diagnostic imaging, emergency room, surgical block, ICU's, REA's and 60 single rooms. The works are scheduled to be completed in 18 months.

web_5 centro sanitario viveiro

Viveiro Health Center

Surface of 15,236 m². 150 beds. It was executed in 12 months.

web_7 Hospital Parral Chile

Hospital San José de Parral, Chile

Area of ​​47,022 m². 121 beds