More than 70 km of high-speed lines executed.

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High-speed railway access to Santiago DC

High-speed railway infrastructure measuring 3.6km long; a highly complex project due to work being carried outin a metropolitan setting. It includes a 500m long cut-and-cover tunnel used as city parkland. It was contracted with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (Adif) in 2009, with a €57 million budget. It was executed in 24 months. Finalist of the 2013 San Telmo Award.-speed 

Bridge over Tordera river

221 m long high-speed railway infrastructure, divided into 5 spans with spans of between 33 m and 51 m and 7 m of useful width of the deck. The foundations established for the execution of the piles have been made by means of pile-piles with a depth of 45 m.

Bridge over the Contreras reservoir

High-speed railway infrastructure, 590 m long on a polygonal arch with 262 m span and 40 m deflection; built on site by cantilevered segments, secured to temporary metal pylons. Executed in 23 months. European record for largest concrete arch for light and slenderness.

Bistrita Station, Romenia

Station and railway infrastructure.

Minglanilla high-speed rail infrastructure

Railway work for high speed access to the Mediterranean. 8 km long section that includes two bridges of 400 and 1,000 m respectively as well as two tunnels of 700 m. The duration of the works was 29 months.

High Speed Network on Pisuerga

5.3 km of railway infrastructure.

Contreras isthmus bridge

832 m long rail infrastructure for high speed, 66 m span. Variable section piers up to 69 m high, built on the Contreras reservoir. Each span was executed in 2 weeks due to the various stressing phases. It was executed in 20 months.

Jalón bridge

Railway infrastructure of 2.200 m in length (one of the longest in Europe), with hollow rectangular pillars, executed with self-climbing formwork, and isostatic prestressed concrete deck executed with self-launching formwork. The duration of the works was 13 months.

Aragal high speed section

Railway Infrastructure for High Speed Santiago

Alcover Railway Network