More than 58 km of bridges executed of all types.

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Bridge over the river Lérez

Special mention in 1998 in the Noble Structures awards of the International Federation of Prestressing. Harp-type cable-stayed 137 m long, with 58 m high concrete pylon and great slenderness. Concrete deck executed by successive cantilevers. The duration of the works was 28 months.

Teixeiras Bridge

Executed in 17 months. Total length of 508 meters and 92 meters high; central span with a pointed arch 112 meters wide resolved by folded curved semi-struts.

Bridge over the Contreras reservoir

European record for largest concrete arch for span and slenderness. High-speed railway infrastructure, 590 m long on a polygonal arch with 262 m span and 130 m deflection; built in situ by cantilevered segments, secured to temporary metal pylons. Executed in 23 months.

Arroyo del Valle bridge

Executed in 19 months. High speed railway infrastructure with 80 m high pillars. Record number 34035 in 2005 for the longest concrete deck in Europe for its 1,800 m (27 spans of 66 m and a central one of 132 m, record in Spain for the longest span bridge with movable scaffolding system (Record No. 34196). 2006. European Record continuous deck length World record for the longest span arch for high-speed rail bridges Madrid demarcation award for the best civil works 2008.

Chiche Bridge, Ecuador

Infrastructure of 210 m of central span, span record for this typology, over a 137 m ravine. Deck with three spans: the lateral ones executed on falsework, and the central one by successive cantilevers. Execution period: 469 days.

Rande bridge extension

Executed in 23 months. With the bridge in service, widening from two to four lanes. 1558 m long bridge, 148 m high piers and 400 m central span. 1977 Record in Spain for bridge length; 1977 World Record for span length in cable-stayed bridge; 1977 European Award for the most outstanding metal construction; 2018 Aqueduct of Segovia Award for public works and the environment; 2019 ITS 2019 Award, intelligent transport systems, for the best work of the year, 2019 IABSE OSTRA Award as the second best bridge in the world.

Moín Bridge, Costa Rica

Construction of the access road to the Moín container port, which includes two 1 km long bridges (whose plan layout presents a succession of curved sections of different circular radii and transition curves) and two bridges with a central span of 80 m. Execution period of 18 months. Record length of bridges in Costa Rica.

Cieza bridge

Dual carriageway arch for motorway with a length of 240 m and a height of 36 m. Fully prefabricated, both the segments of the arch and the box beams of the deck. Work contracted with Sacyr for the Ministry of Development in 2003. It was executed in just 10 months. José Azas 2005 Award. 2005 Civil Engineering Project Award from the Galician Civil Engineering Foundation.

Bridge over the Noia estuary

Infrastructure for a 1,657 m long road with a cable-stayed section of 100 m span over the navigation channel. Variable width up to 16.5 m, deck executed by asymmetric hyperstatic beams attached in cable-stayed section. It was executed in 24 months. It obtains in the San Telmo 2015 Prize, the second prize for the best civil engineering work.

Bridges of the isthmus of Contreras

Quasi-parallel infrastructures for motorway of 850 m of average length, maximum height 66 m, width 14 m and depth of 2.3 m. Box girder decks executed in situ in parallel with movable scaffolding system with a cycle of seven days per span; Hollow trapezoidal piers built with specific self-climbing formwork.

Narón Bridges

Infrastructure for dual deck motorway, 45 m long, with box girder deck in situ, supported on octagonal columns and 70 m high arched prop, built on arcaded formwork. He was executed in 16 months. VIII International Bridge of Alcántara Award 2002.

Bridge over Virilla river, Costa Rica

Infrastructure for a 285 m long road. Deck 14.3 m wide built by successive cantilevers over two piers 50 meters high, configuring a central span of 130 m. Execution period: 18 months.

Bridge over the Ulla river

632 m long high-speed railway infrastructure, box girder deck, on a polygonal arch of 180 m span and 120 m deflection, built by cantilevered segments with provisional bracing to the deck. Executed in 28 months. 2011 San Telmo Award. 2012 Segovia Aqueduct Award.

Montero-Bulo Bulo bridges

Railway infrastructures part of the Montero-Bulo Bulo section, with a maximum length of 799m, width of 7.3m and depth of 2.6m, with a maximum span of 39m thanks to the use of a pre-stressed system in the edges of the formwork, avoiding the need for intermediate supports.

5.24 Lozd Bridge, Poland

Double deck infrastructure for 836 m long motorway, executed with two movable scaffolding systems at the rate of one span each week. Solid columns built with climbing formwork. Executed in the record time of 6 months.

Bridge over the Pisuerga River

Included in a 5.3km section of high-speed railway infrastructure. Viaduct of 1,400m that crosses the Pisuerga River at two points, by means of two successive cantilevered spans (80m span). Completed in 22 months.

MS16 Lublin Bridge, Poland

Infrastructure for a 36,675 m² motorway, with variable width and incorporated access branches. Mixed deck formed by two-piece steel with a concrete slab executed in situ with formwork hung from high-strength bars, and disassembly of the falsework by manual means for environmental reasons.

Saramo Bridge

1,500 m long high-speed railway infrastructure. Variable depth deck, and 58 m spans executed with self-launching falsework. Hollow octagonal pillars and fixed point materialized by a monolithic triangular cell with the footing. Executed in 17 months.

Bridge over the Deba river

Rail infrastructure for high speed 900 m in length. Box beam deck with a maximum span of 80 m. Executed in several phases of concreting and stressing in order to optimize the acting loads. It ran in 10 months. Record in Spain for maximum AVE deck light executed with movable scaffolding system.

Sagar Bridge

Road infrastructure with a 162 m long collaborative deck, on a reinforced concrete arch with 100 m span and 50 m high, built in situ on falsework to the ground, compressed by opening the key. Piers attached to support the deck, made up of prefabricated box girders, and a slab executed with traveller. It was executed in 11 months.

Jalon Bridge

Railway infrastructure measuring 2,200m –one of the longest in Europe–, with hollow rectangular piers executed with self-climbing formwork, and isostatic pre-stressed concrete deck executed using movable scaffolding system. It was executed in 13 months.

Pedredo Bridge

Infrastructure for motorway 932 m long and 25 m wide. Executed in two phases: the first consisted of the core, using movable scaffolding system; the second involved the deck, constructed on precast strut and ties, with a deck on self-supporting traveller. It was executed in 15 months.

Ibaizabal bridge

394 m long railway infrastructure for high speed. Box girder deck with spans of up to 75 m executed each span in different phases. Hollow octagonal columns built with self-climbing formwork. Executed in 10 months. National record for maximum deck span executed with movable scaffolding system.

Brigdes 10.1 and 8.2 of Las Pedrizas

Infrastructure for a double-deck dual carriageway of an average length of 735m, with 115 span pointed arches executed according to two methods: on the 8.2, using climbing formwork and folding; on the 10.1, using horizontal formwork and subsequent lifting. Each bridge was executed in 11 months.