Rande’s expansion work, awarded in New York as the second best structure in the world

4 September 2019

The Congress of the International Association of Bridges and Structural Engineering (IABSE) has awarded Rande Bridge in New York as the second most important infrastructure in the world in 2019 and first finalist of the awards for the Best Structure in the World (Outstanding Structure Award-OSTRA ). The OSTRA awards have recognized since 1998 the most outstanding, innovative and creative structures from different parts of the world.

The extension of the Rande bridge (cable-stayed bridge with a span of 400 meters of main span and a total length of 704 meters), is an unprecedented and pioneering action in the field of civil engineering worldwide, since there are no known precedents even in Europe or the rest of the world.

This project has been the greatest constructive challenge for Grupo Puentes in 2019, and obtaining this award is recognition of the constructive excellence that distinguishes its works.

More information (PDF) and exhibition on the Rande bridge (PDF) .