Final execution of the Caminos de Santiago and Caminos de La Mesa projects, Panama

16 June 2021

Grupo Puentes is in the final phase of work execution of the projects for the Rehabilitation of the streets and roads of Santiago lines 1 and 2 and the Rehabilitation of La Mesa roads (Panamá)

The planting of trees has already begun in order to comply with the ecological compensation established in the contract, whereby 10 trees are planted for each one felled. There will be a total of 12,396 trees of native varieties, both timber (cocobolo, oak and guayacán) and fruit (lemon, cashew, guaba, soursop, tomato and mango).

The plantations will be located in schools, public areas and road easements with a selection of species according to the characteristics of the terrain, and will be maintained for at least 2 years to ensure the survival of all the units.