Adif awards the contract for the Tafalla-Campanas section, with an investment of 238 million Euro.

20 December 2023

The contract, with a completion period of 30 months, has been awarded to the joint venture comprising the companies: Obras y Servicios Copasa, Puentes y Calzadas Infraestructuras (Grupo Puentes), Constructora San José and Lurpelan Tunnelling. The new section, with a length of 15 kilometres, runs through seven municipalities: Tafalla, Pueyo, Garínoain, Barásoain, Tirapu, Biurrún-Olcoz and Tiebas-Muruarte de Reta. Among its singular actions, the construction of three tunnels stands out: the Catedral tunnel (474 m), the Artzareta tunnel (658 m) and the Murugain tunnel (506.9 m). Likewise, a viaduct (546 m) is included, which will cross the La Majada stream, and overpasses and underpasses that will promote permeability on both sides of the railway line. In addition, the construction of a Train Overtaking and Parking Post (PAET) in Garínoain, for the parking of freight trains, is also contemplated. The project includes several structures for the crossing of watercourses and the replacement of the Camino de Santiago, with an overpass in Tiebas-Muruarte de Reta. In order to maintain the railway traffic on the Castejón-Alsasua line, the section will also include the replacement of some 3.5 km in the final part of the section, which will affect the Campanas siding. The works on the Tafalla-Campanas section are financed by the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.